Synthetic Geometry Online

Synthetic Geometry Online

It is common in my study to present mathematical examples, proofs, notes, etc. online. Generally, there are tools for analytic problems: things like mathbin, texpaste. What about steps in problems of Geometry — or sharing them soundly?

Enter Gridpaste.

Through reviewing Intuitive Geometry, I realized how tiring, and inherently tedious it was to share proofs or constructions — or how I got there! Indeed, even presenting the notion of congruence for any two irregular polygons on the plane in steps can get pretty annoying quickly.

Intuitive Geometry is pretty important, being able to spot corollaries of the Pythagoras Theorem is interesting. I built Gridpaste just for this. I've used the tool to construct a proof of the Pythagoras Theorem itself!

I realized how this could be great in academia in general: students could simply give a link to show the answer to their homework with notes, under a verified account.

We'll see where Gridpaste goes — I've implemented graph of functions, constructions with their graphs and annotations with the rest of the tools can get to interesting places. In the future, I'd like to additionally add linear algebra features, probably some calculus concepts, too. Later, if I have the time, I'd like to write a version with three.js to get some of the same great features in 3-space.

That'd be pretty cool.

— Jahan

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