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Living document of C++ notes, books

This is a living document of my selected notes on modern C++ best practices. Including, but not limited to, notes from books I own, guidelines, and best idiomatic practices. I'd like to first mention the kickstarter for me three years ago, Exploring C++20: The...


On modern C++ and PLT, part 1

Howdy, It's been a while :-). I've been largely immersed in modern C++ for the last few years—particularly C++20 and C++23, which have some groundbreaking changes if you haven't kept up. I'll get to the point and let it speak for itself:...


Trampolines and Coroutines

My research has lead me to a discovery in problems prevalent to systems that use cooperative multitasking (or non-preemptive multitasking). First, cooperative multitasking, as the name states, allows processes and programs to voluntarily yield control


Repaint Segmentation of Algorithms

The last couple of years I have been researching solutions to loathsome symptoms of engines like libChromiumContent as a native platform. The biggest one being the bottleneck of operations on the DOM. Although originally things like scrolling caused an entire repaint